Service Guild

Goodwill’s Service Guild has been dedicated to serving the needs of people with disabilities and other barriers to employment for over 80 years through its involvement with Goodwill Industries. The Service Guild is composed of 100 active members and led by a board of advisers. The board has twelve members, one of whom is president. The Guild’s primary mission is fundraising and community outreach, which they accomplish through a variety of special services and events. In 2013, they celebrated 80 years of service.

Established in 1933, the Service Guild of Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries began with key women from various churches. These early leaders formed the nucleus of the Guild, which now has over 100 members. The organization’s first leader was Mrs. Edna Woodward who served for the Guild in this capacity for many years. A diverse range of church groups has supported the Service Guild and Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries through monetary gifts and direct services over the past 80 years. The Service Guild runs the Treasure Island Gift Shop, which operates in the Tri-County retail store and generates much of the organization’s income. The Guild also promotes the mission of Ohio Valley Goodwill by conducting fundraisers to benefit the organization’s special activities, and assists in community outreach on behalf of Ohio Valley Goodwill. Service Guild members help with the annual golf outing, sponsor the yearly Thanksgiving, Veterans Day and holiday luncheons, and offer a cash gift to consumers during the holiday.

The Service Guild also holds a semi-annual Mini-Fest each spring and fall at the Goodwill corporate facility as a special fundraising event. The organization also offers a large cash donation to Ohio Valley Goodwill each year. The Service Guild is truly an ambassador for Ohio Valley Goodwill. The Service Guild has helped to sponsor many special activities runners in the annual “Flying Pig” Marathon, and other activities that consumers and staff undertake on behalf of the organization. In this, their 80th year, we salute the Service Guild for their dedication and support of Ohio Valley Goodwill and thank each member for the time they have given to our organization!