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5 Ways Hiring Individuals with Disabilities is Good for Business

The moral reasons for hiring individuals with disabilities are obvious, but it doesn’t seem enough to convince everyone. People with disabilities still face lower employment rates than the general population.

The fact is, hiring managers who are not considering people with disabilities are missing out on a valuable business addition. Here are five reasons hiring individuals with disabilities is not just the right thing to do, but is a smart business move:

#1: Expanded Talent Pool

Nearly 70 percent of Americans with disabilities of working age are unemployed, compared with 25 percent of those without a disability. This leaves approximately 10.7 million people who want to work. Employers who tap into this talent pool open a world of possibilities, avoiding the drawbacks that come with being understaffed.

#2: Diversity

Welcoming individuals with disabilities to your staff adds diversity to your team. The result is better and more innovative business solutions and a more positive connection with the community.

#3: Culture

When mixed with a strategy for inclusion, hiring people with disabilities can greatly improve company culture. It can also many employees feel that their company cares about social issues and individuals. One study even found that when employees feel their companies are committed to diversity, they’re more likely to rank that business as high-performing in innovation, customer service, and team collaboration.

#4: Retention

People with disabilities are often looking for stable employment, and are typically more loyal to their employers. Employees with disabilities have less turnover and are highly productive.

#5: Customer & Public Relations

Customers notice when businesses have diverse hiring practices. Hiring people with disabilities shows your company is empathetic and values individuals. And representation in the workplace is a great way to tap into one of the largest consumer market segments in the U.S. – people with disabilities.  

Learn More About Hiring Individuals with Disabilities

Hiring individuals with disabilities is a business move you can’t afford to miss. At Goodwill, it’s what drives us to provide job skills training, employment assessments, and career exploration opportunities to individuals with disabilities. Vocational success is the key to independence, happiness, and community engagement.

To learn more about hiring individuals with disabilities, please contact us. We’re happy to help!