5 Life Lessons Your Child Will Learn at Goodwill

The guiding principle of Goodwill’s mission has always been about helping people reach their full potential. We’re committed to empowering people in our community to overcome barriers and achieve independence. It’s no wonder, then, that shopping at Goodwill instills values in children that will serve them well throughout life. Here’s how you can help your kids learn valuable life lessons with your next trip to the local Ohio Valley Goodwill store!

Mother and son sorting clothes in cardboard boxes to donate to Goodwill

Tidy up and donate to Goodwill!

Saving and spending wisely

 It’s easy to help children understand how buying secondhand can help them spend money on what they really want and still keep money in the piggy bank. “Comparison shop” with your kids by going online to show them what first-hand costs versus similar items at Goodwill. Most of the big discount retailers can’t beat Goodwill’s low prices! Teach kids the valuable lesson of shopping thrifty and saving up for special things they want.

How to follow a budget

Another essential skill to teach your kids is the importance of following a budget. Even a modest budget—like a weekly allowance—can go far in a Goodwill store. Youngsters learn whether it’s better to buy one, “big ticket” item they desire “in the moment” or multiple items that might be more useful. They will soon discover that impulsive spending will outrun their budget fast! For more savings opportunities on your next Ohio Valley Goodwill shopping trip, check out our sales calendars and monthly store promotions.


Teach your kids the value of expressing their creativity with a little help from Goodwill! Ohio Valley Goodwill is a DIY-ers destination for creating new and unique pieces. Let your child’s creative streak run loose with a nearly unlimited supply of things that be repurposed and reimagined at your local Goodwill store.

Taking care of the planet

Environmentalists love thrift shopping, and you can help your children understand the many reasons why. Reducing the waste of our natural resources is just one of those reasons. For example, did you know every cotton T-shirt you wear took 713 gallons of water to produce? That means every reused T-shirt your child buys saves 713 gallons of water for Planet Earth!

Donate for the Earth goodwill graphic

Donate for the Earth

Many people advocate recycling used things rather than throwing them away. But still, more than 85% of clothing is put in the trash where it ends up in landfills.

Encourage your kids to donate their used clothes and replace them with secondhand from Goodwill. That’s eliminating waste come full circle!

Last and not least, teach your kids about giving

Finally, remember that every purchase you make at a Goodwill store goes directly to support Goodwill’s mission to change lives through the power of work. Supporting Goodwill means supporting people who want to work find meaningful community employment—now that’s a good thing!

Children who learn the power of giving to others become the generous adults of our next generation. So, gather up the kids and visit your local Ohio Valley Goodwill store today!