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4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Ohio Valley Goodwill

When you think of Ohio Valley Goodwill, you probably think of our retail stores. While selling gently used merchandise at affordable prices is a large part of our operations, the truth is, there’s so much more to Ohio Valley Goodwill! Here are some of the great things happening at Goodwill that you might not know about:

Ohio Valley Goodwill prevents millions of pounds of reusable goods from filling area landfills

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When you donate to Goodwill instead of throwing away reusable goods, you’re helping us fulfill our commitment to environmental sustainability. Your gently used clothing, accessories, furniture, and other household goods are sold in our retail stores at affordable prices, where they’ll be used by someone who needs them. Goodwill also strives to recycle any items that aren’t sold in our retail or outlet stores. In 2017, Ohio Valley Goodwill recycled 54,000,000 pounds of donated materials including cardboard, steel and office paper.

Shopping at Goodwill helps fund job training and employment services

Ohio Valley Goodwill is one of the largest training and employment providers for individuals with disabilities and veterans in the State of Ohio. Our extensive network of retail stores, boutiques, and outlet stores, helps to provide funding for job training and employment services for people right here in the Greater Cincinnati community. In 2017 alone, Ohio Valley Goodwill served 3418 individuals, including 852 veterans, and helped place 917 individuals in meaningful community employment.

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Ohio Valley Goodwill accepts vehicle donations for our weekly auto auction

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we accept more than donated clothing and other household goods – we’re also the place to donate your used car, truck, van, RV, and even your boat or motorcycle! Our auto auctions help Cincinnati residents find a great deal on a used vehicle, and the proceeds from every auto auction are used to help fund Goodwill’s job-training and employment services. We have multiple convenient vehicle donation locations in and around Cincinnati to make it easy and convenient to donate a used vehicle.

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division connects local employers with quality labor services

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s innovative Industrial Services Division was created to help businesses in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana grow while simplifying operations and lowering overhead costs. We connect businesses with our dependable workforce for kitting, assembly, fulfillment, and packaging services, helping firms increase productivity and improve turnaround time on projects. Our outsourcing services also allow business owners to concentrate on core competencies and streamline their operations.

There are so many wonderful things happening at Ohio Valley Goodwill to benefit the community, and supporting Goodwill is easy! Every time you shop at one of our stores or donate to Goodwill, you help us put people in the community to work and allow us to continue fulfilling our mission. Learn more about Ohio Valley Goodwill and find your nearest donation site or Goodwill retail store.