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4 Stress Management Tips for Small Business Owners

Small business owners are notoriously busy people. Because most business owners must wear many different hats and do multiple tasks at a time, it can be difficult to manage stress and avoid becoming overwhelmed. While everyone handles stress differently, there are some basic things all business owners can do to control and reduce everyday stress.


Prioritize daily tasks

With so many different responsibilities to juggle, small business owners can find it challenging to manage their time and get everything done in one day. One way to reduce stress caused by time management is by prioritizing daily tasks. Start each morning by writing down the tasks you need to accomplish, then prioritize them in order of importance. Avoid getting distracted or trying to multitask, which can be counterproductive. Tackling tasks one at a time and crossing them off the list is not only satisfying, but you may find that you’ll accomplish more each day.

Take regular breaks

It’s easy for small business owners to forget to take breaks throughout the day. Schedule downtime into your day by planning lunch dates or even just walking around the block without checking your email. Taking a break is a great way to clear your mind and reduce stress.

Start healthy habits

Dealing with work-related stress can make it difficult to maintain a proper diet and exercise regimen. Healthy foods, including foods high in fiber and fruit and vegetables, can actually help the body fight stress and improve mental clarity. Getting regular exercise is also a great way to prevent and reduce stress. Any type of exercise will work; you can hit the gym, join an exercise class, or simply take a midday walk to increase your daily physical activity.

Get extra help

Most small business owners struggle with the idea of handing off responsibilities to others, but delegating is fundamental to long-term business success. Instead of hiring more full-time employees, many owners see the benefit of outsourcing business tasks to a third-party partner. You can save time, energy, and money by partnering with an experienced provider, like Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division!

If you’re looking for skilled labor to fill gaps in your workforce, our Industrial Services Division may be the right solution for you. We have decades of experience handling business tasks such as assembly, kitting, packaging, and fulfillment services for businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana. Our large, talented workforce is ready to help your business grow while reducing overhead costs. Contact us today to learn more and receive a free tour of our facilities.