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4 Easy Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home

It’s time to breathe some new life into your home, because believe it or not, spring is in full swing! All those comforts you collected during the winter season can be stored away to make way for color and natural elements, and Goodwill is here to help!

With just a few new items, your living space will feel refreshed and ready for the new season. Read on for four easy ways to welcome spring into your home:

#1: Pillow Accents

In the living spaces and bedrooms of your home, it’s not necessary to make drastic changes to embrace the excitement spring brings. Accent pillows on beds, sofas, and chairs can easily be replaced each season for little expense or hassle. If your pillows look a little dark or drab, shop at Goodwill to look for lighter, brighter options. You can even repurpose fabric found at Goodwill to make your own pillow covers! This simple swap can change the vibe of an entire space, and there’s no long-term commitment.

#2: Bring the Outside in with Natural Elements

Fresh cut flowers and greenery have the power to elevate any home. There’s something about a living plant that makes a room feel less static and stale. Head to Goodwill to find pots for houseplants and vases for fresh cut flowers””maybe even straight from your garden! This time of year, tulips and daffodils are abundant, and they’re perfect for filling a vase and bringing vibrant colors indoors.

Flower decor from Goodwill
Flower decor from Goodwill

If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. You have options! Instead of opting for live plants, search your local Goodwill store for botanical art to fill thrifted frames. The leaves and flowers found in wall art won’t mind if you forget to water them, but you’ll still get the natural effect you’re going for.

#3: Books as Accents

There are a million uses for books in interior design, and Goodwill is stocked with affordable books to use on tables, mantles, and shelves! One idea is to look for hardcover books that have great color hidden under the book jacket. For spring, choose books that provide a pop of color, then group them together and set them as a stack under a vase or decorative object to give them some height. Or, choose bookends so you can stand them upright. Another trendy idea is to flip your books around on the bookshelf so the colorful spines are facing inward and only the pages are displayed. This creates a calming, neutral space!

Book display at Goodwill
Books from Goodwill

#4: Dress Up Your Dining Room

Keeping your dining table set is a great way to stage spring décor for future dinner parties. Shop at Goodwill for table essentials such as tablecloths or runners, dishes, and glassware, even cloth napkins and holders! When you thrift these items, they’re more than affordable, which allows you to decorate the dining room table for every season””even if you aren’t planning a party.

Flower centerpiece from Goodwill
Flower centerpiece from Goodwill

Find Your Nearest Goodwill Store

Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries has convenient Goodwill retail stores located throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. Find one near you and stop in regularly so you don’t miss the best finds!

Graphic: Donate and Shop. Change a Life.
Graphic: Donate and Shop. Change a Life.

Shopping at Goodwill will not only help you save money; it also gives others the opportunity to find a career they love and enjoy a fulfilled life. There’s no better way to get a fresh start for spring while helping others enjoy a fresh start of their own!