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3 Ways to Support Employment Success in Your Community

Believe it or not, the health of your community hinges on the happiness of your neighbors, and their vocational success plays a huge part.

Studies have shown a link between having a job and better physical and mental health, heightened self-esteem, and successful behaviors that serve as an example for younger generations. These things all make our communities better places to call home!

Graphic: JOBS - This Spring, visit Goodwill to create opportunities in your community.
Create Jobs this Spring!

Fostering an environment that leads to employment success is easier than you may think. Ohio Valley Goodwill provides life-changing resources to uplift your neighbors!

Read on for three easy ways you can help make a difference!

Shop at Goodwill

It may seem simple, but shopping the racks at Goodwill isn’t just about scoring great deals on clothing, accessories, and household goods. Every time you make a purchase at a Goodwill retail store, you’re actually supporting programs and services that help individuals grow their job skills, find meaningful community employment, and enjoy greater personal fulfillment. These vocational programs and services can be absolutely life-changing for people with disabilities, our veterans, and others in our local communities. Shopping at Goodwill is retail therapy you can feel great about!

Donate to Goodwill

Packing up the things in your home that you’re just not using anymore and donating them to Goodwill is another easy way to pave the way for others to achieve personal and vocational success. Ohio Valley Goodwill takes your donations and resells them to someone else in your community. We gladly accept clothing, household items, and even car donations for our Auto Auction in Cincinnati!

Our sustainable model keeps reusable items out of local landfills while providing cost-savings to local shoppers. At the end of the process, the proceeds raised from your Goodwill donations help provide supportive services that allow people to empower themselves and achieve employment success!

Job coach helping job seeker with disabilities
Job coach helping job seeker with disabilities

Be a Goodwill Champion

Connecting communities to tools that help individuals reach their fullest potential is only possible with the support of people like you. When you share the story of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s mission, you inspire others to engage and make a difference.

So, talk to your friends, family members, and neighbors about why you choose to shop at Goodwill’s thrift stores. Or, share a story about how easy it was to purge your home while fueling necessary job training and development for others. We love to see your posts and photos about why you love Ohio Valley Goodwill — be sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

Goodwill's Cycle of Success
Goodwill’s Cycle of Success

Remember, the path to success is different for everyone. Supporting Goodwill’s mission is a wonderful way to help someone else in your community find their path — and that’s a win for the entire community! We invite you to visit our Success Stories page and help us celebrate the many successes of the individuals Ohio Valley Goodwill is so proud to serve.