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3 Fun Crafts to Make with Kids at Home

Now is a great time to try a new craft project with your children, and we have a few ideas! Here are three fun and easy crafts to enjoy making with your kids at home:

Groovy tie-dye

Grey and white t-shirts from Goodwill

Grey and white t-shirts from Goodwill

Who doesn’t love tie-dye, especially as we enter the warmer months? All you need for this project is a plain clothing item and tie-dye paint in a variety of colors. You can get tie-dye paint at a store or make your own by mixing ½ cup of water with eight drops of food coloring in a water bottle. Use a different bottle for each color!

Once you have your supplies, the possibilities are endless! You can do traditional tie-dyeing or dip-dyeing, but you can also lookup different methods online. Tie-dyeing gives your kids a chance to express their creativity while getting a little messy in the process. Let your kids’ creations dry for 24 hours, then put them in the washing machine to remove excess dye. Your children are sure to love wearing something they made themselves!

I-spy game

Glass jars from Goodwill

Glass jars from Goodwill

Do your kids need a break from screen-time? Try this fun and interactive craft! To make an i-spy game, place small objects, such as small toys, marble, or coins in a container or glass bottle and fill the rest with rice, seeds, or sand. Once the container is filled, seal the lid tightly using a strong glue. Then, on the front of the container, write down all of the small objects within the bottle. After shaking up the contents, the goal is to find everything written on the list. This game will help your kids beat boredom—no screens required!

Handmade cards

Books on a shelf

Books from Ohio Valley Goodwill

There’s nothing better sending and receiving good old fashioned snail mail! And it’s always a nice surprise to receive a card, especially if it’s handmade. For a unique craft, try upcycling old book or magazine pages to make handmade greeting cards! Encourage your kids to create their own designs with stencils, ribbon, and markers. They can even try to learn simple origami patterns online and practice with the book pages! Write a message inside the cards, then seal the envelopes with a piece of tape or a sticker and mail them to friends and family. It’s a perfect way to show your loved ones you’re thinking of them!






We hope these fun and easy crafts keep you and your family entertained! If you try any of these projects, share your completed work with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We’d love to see them!