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3 Big Benefits of Donating Clothing

There’s nothing like a fresh start, especially in the spring! If you’re like many people, now is a time when you like to clean and clear out any clutter you don’t need anymore. But while you may be eager to shed your winter wardrobe this spring, don’t just throw your clothing out—donate it!

Donating to Goodwill is the smart way to clear out any clothes you don’t want or need, and it offers some significant benefits to you, the environment, and your community.

Here’s a closer look at three big benefits of donating your clothing to Goodwill:

Keep your home clutter-free

We all want to maintain a clean, organized home, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. If your closets are overflowing with clothes, shoes, or accessories that you don’t wear anymore, make life easier by donating them to Goodwill! Clearing out your closets doesn’t have to be a lot of hard work. Just keep a box in your wardrobe and add any items that you don’t want, need, or wear. When the box is full, it’s time to head to Goodwill!

Goodwill graphic with storage bins and text "Clean and Organize" written above

Clean and Organize with Goodwill

Donating your clothes is so much easier than trying to sell them online. Instead of spending time and energy taking photos, writing a description, and hoping for an offer, you can simply take your clothes to one of Goodwill’s convenient donation center locations! We make the clothing donation process simple and easy so you can get back to your busy day.

If you love clothes but don’t have room for new additions, donating to Goodwill is a win-win situation! After dropping off your donations, head into one of our retail stores and replenish your wardrobe with stylish pieces at incredible prices. With 19 retail stores in and around Cincinnati, there’s bound to be both a donation site and retail store near you.

Protect the planet

Donating your clothing helps the planet in amazing ways. First, by donating your clothes to Goodwill instead of throwing them in the trash, you prevent them from ending up in a landfill, where they can take years to fully break down, releasing harmful gases into the environment in the process. Goodwill organizations divert millions of pounds of items from local landfills every year, helping to keep our planet beautiful. We even accept clothing that’s in less-than-perfect condition, so don’t throw away that shirt just because it’s missing a button! If we receive items that can’t be sold in our stores, we work to ensure they are recycled responsibly.

Green graphic with text: "Donate 4 The Earth. Your donations make a difference. You create jobs in your community and reduce your environmental impact. Thank you!"

Donate for the Earth! 

Donating to Goodwill also gives your well-loved clothing a new life. Even if you don’t want an item anymore, your clothing still has value. Someone else is sure to appreciate finding a great deal on your gently-used pieces while shopping at Goodwill. Thrift shopping is a great way to save money, and it also reduces the demand for brand-new clothing, helping to make fashion more attainable and sustainable for everyone!

Help others in your community

Donating to your local Goodwill is one of the easiest ways to support people living right here, in your community. The donated items sold in our stores not only help people find affordable clothing and household goods but also generate revenue to provide life-changing employment training and job placement services for individuals with disabilities and veterans.

Graphic of clothes spelling: Jobs: This spring visit Goodwill to create opportunities in your community

Goodwill creates jobs!

Every single donation, no matter how big or small, makes a meaningful difference in the lives of people within your community! To see for yourself, read some of the employment Success Stories of the individuals Goodwill has been proud to serve. We promise you’ll be inspired!

When you’re looking for a good place to donate clothes in Cincinnati, think Goodwill! Find a Goodwill retail store or donation site near you here.