2018 Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries Strategic Plan Summary

The information below reflects an overview of the 2018 Strategic Plan for all business lines including Programs and Services, Auto Auction, Retail, Industrial Services and Administrative Services as well as Marketing.

  • Employment Services: Maximize the number of individuals who obtain and maintain community employment.
  • HVRP: Investigate new grant opportunities and expansion of services.
  • SSVF: Ensure SSVF families maintain stability in the community.
  • Work Evaluation: Increase referrals especially related to transition-age youth.
  • Work Adjustment: Increase community integration opportunities in Work Adjustment and CARE based on areas of interest.
  • Auto Auction: Implement digital marketing strategies for Auto Auction in conjunction with radio and special event promotion to increase vehicle donations.
  • Donations: Continue to increase community donations at all Goodwill touchpoints.
  • Retail Sales: Increase retail sales through social media support and radio ads with an additional focus on enhancing the customer service experience.
  • Industrial Services: Enhance viable work opportunities, enhance open communication, optimize work flow and enhance public perception as an attractive employer resource.
  • Administrative Services: Focus on continuing improvements and refinements in efficiency, productivity, internal controls and interdependent coordination in a proactive and effective manner.
  • Accounting: Ensure continued effective financial planning and budgeting.
  • Human Resources: Improve employee recruitment and retention.
  • Health Care Services: Continue provision of quality reactive and proactive medical services
  • Marketing: To increase awareness and engagement with the Goodwill brand by external audiences including shoppers, donors and referrals sources.
  • To increase shopper traffic in Goodwill retail locations in accordance with projected sales goals.
  • To prominently position the Goodwill brand in community spotlights which showcase the Goodwill mission and ways of supporting the mission including shopping and donating.
  • Outreach to legislators and on-going participation in advocacy efforts in support of individual choice.