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2017 CityBeat “Best of Cincinnati” Voting is Now Open! Please Vote for Goodwill as Best Thrift Store!

Voting is now open for the 2017 “Best of Cincinnati” awards sponsored by CityBeat magazine and Ohio Valley Goodwill would LOVE to have your vote for “Best Thrift Store” this year. Voting is only open until February 1st so we would appreciate it if you would VOTE as soon as you can.
To VOTE, click here http://vote.citybeat.com/survey-125-best-of-cincinnati-2017.html

You must vote in 20 categories this year in order for your vote to count. Goodwill’s network of 17 stores is included in the “Shops and Services” category. “Goodwill” is listed under the “Best Thrift Store” category.
The Voter registration form starts with the following:
Welcome to the 21st annual Best of Cincinnati ® readers choice poll! Your votes will determine the area’s best restaurants, bars, arts organizations, retail stores, services, parks, media personalities, sports teams, politicians, causes and urban experiences.

The ballot is organized into six major sections: Eats, Shops & Services, Arts & Culture, Nightlife, Sports and City Life. Here are the basic rules: You don’t have to vote in every individual category, but you must vote in at least 20 for your ballot to count. Voting will run through midnight on Wednesday, Feb. 1.

To get started, enter your name and email address in the Voter Registration area on the landing page. The ballot is pre-populated with top vote-getters from last year, but CityBeat will accept write-in votes in every category. Write-ins won’t be immediately added to the drop-down menus, but we will add any that garner a significant number of votes. Regardless, all write-in votes count toward determining the category winners.

For more than 100 years, Goodwill has been offering a unique shopping experience with incredible savings through its network of thrift stores. Recipient of the “Best of Cincinnati” CityBeat award in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015, Goodwill would very much appreciate it if you could VOTE for us in the “Best Thrift Store” category for this year’s 2017 CityBeat “Best of Cincinnati” award. Please VOTE Today and Share Widely! Voting continues until February 1st. Thank you Greater Cincinnati for your support!