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"2013 PigAbilities Team Gets Ready to Fly on Saturday, May 4th in Flying Pig Marathon!"

As part of the new PigAbilities event; a new feature of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon; Goodwill team members along with 50 other athletes participated in the final day of a 12-week long training program on Saturday, April 27th. To celebrate the completion of the PigAbilities training program, more than 50 athletes and their partners enjoyed a Subway luncheon feast sponsored by Goodwill’s Volunteer Service Guild. “Our wonderful volunteer Guild has always been supportive of our athlete’s participation in the Flying Pig Marathon and were delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor this luncheon for all of the dedicated athletes,” said Sharon Hannon, Goodwill Marketing Specialist. The 12-week training program will culminate in the PigAbilities final mile on Saturday, May 4th during which all participants will cross the finish line and receive a well-deserved medal. PigAbilities is a new event within the Flying Pig Marathon for people with developmental disabilities who will achieve their distance goal through a progressive training program. Each participant set a personal goal to walk, run or wheel a certain distance. As part of the 12-week training event, athletes also learned about good nutrition, making healthy lifestyle choices, and achieving goals. The PigAbilities event was designed and coordinated by CARA, the Community Ambassadors Resource Alliance, a non-profit group for which Goodwill is a founding member. Executive Director, Debbie Moorehous and trainer, Karen Bruce provided all of the coordination of the training program, supported by a host of community volunteers. “We are looking forward to the big day on Saturday, May 4th!,” said Hannon, Marketing Specialist.