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"2009 Goodwill Milestone Celebration!"

2009 Goodwill Milestone Celebration

Thursday, July 16th marked the anniversary celebration of many of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s staff team members. More than 20 members of Goodwill’s Rehabilitation division are marking five (5) years or more of service to the organization. “It is truly remarkable the loyalty that our mission inspires,” said JoAnn Decker, VP of Rehabilitation Services. Goodwill staff celebrating milestones include: Evaluation andTraining Services: Nancy Vander Woude 10 yrs; Cheryl Triggs 5 yrs; Alison McElfresh 5 yrs Work Adjustment Training: ¬†Sharon Henderson 5 yrs; Jenny Marsala 5 yrs; David Stouffer 5 yrs; Carol McCoy 5 yrs; Versailles Brown 10 yrs; Dianne Holcomb 15 yrs Westwood: Ebony Staley 5 yrs Center for Advocacy, Recreation and Education (CARE) Program: ¬†Vickie Bronson 5 yrs; Lois Kramer 5 yrs; Beverly Boggs 15 yrs Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP): David Hayes 5 yrs; Neal Hutchinson 5 yrs; Tim Jago 5 yrs; Claudette Crawford 10 yrs; John Briggs 10 yrs Rehabilitation Services: Dick Oestreich 10 yrs; Charlie Blythe 15 yrs; Steve Koons 20 yrs; Nancy Woolley 35 yrs Goodwill’s tradition is that staff receive tenure pins on the occasion of their anniversary of service, in 5 year intervals. “I am very proud of our staff team,” commented Steve Koons, Rehabilitation Director. “I think it reflects well on the quality of our organization that our staff are so committed to their work.”Ohio Valley Goodwill’s 93 year-old mission is to help individuals with disabilities and our nation’s veterans to receive skill training and employment services. Ohio Valley Goodwill Congratulates its 2009 Tenure Recipients!