Goodwill Celebrates Personal Success- One Employed Person at a Time!

Etap Shata, Successful Community Employee

For more than 100 years, Ohio Valley Goodwill has been helping people to get jobs in the Greater Cincinnati community. Organizational success is measured in the outcomes and personal achievements of every person served. It is always exciting when we have the opportunity to help share the story of someone who has attained significant personal success in terms of their employment goals.

This month’s wonderful success story is about Etap Shata. When Etap came to Ohio Valley Goodwill, she initially began working with Employment Specialist, Mark Leugers at the beginning of November 2016. She indicated that she had interest in working at a Kroger in her local community. Etap and Mark worked together on building a resume, completing a job application and preparing for an interview. Within two short weeks Etap completed a successful interview that landed her a job offer from the Kroger Company.

After accepting the position, Etap began working at Kroger with the support of her job coach, Dalton Lacy. Etap notes that with Goodwill’s support she has been able to master all of her required job tasks, provide great customer service and establish strong relationships with her supervisors and co-workers. Etap is in her second year of successful employment at Kroger. She enjoys going into work every day and looks forward to seeing her job coach each week. She proudly shares how well she is doing with her coach each week and continues working on skills that allow her to perform her job well.

Ohio Valley Goodwill congratulates Etap Shata on her outstanding personal success and commends her on commitment to being a valuable asset to her employer.
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