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10 Skills That All Hiring Managers Look For

You may not be able to read the mind of that hiring manager sitting across the desk from you during an interview, but it’s certainly not a mystery what they’re looking for.

Getting ahead in a job search or even earning a promotion can usually be traced back to a handful of skills — no matter the position or industry.

If you want to land the next great job or get ahead in your current workplace, focus on these skills to help move your application to the top of the pile!

#1: Communication Skills

Effective communication is an important skill, and it includes considering the length, style, complexity, context, and method(s) of communication. Being able to convey ideas clearly and be an active listener are highly prized skills.

#2: Teamwork and Collaboration

The ability to work well with others, contribute to group efforts, and build positive working relationships is essential in almost any job.

#3: Problem-Solving

Employers value candidates who can analyze problems, develop solutions, and make decisions effectively. This skill often involves critical thinking and creativity, but also teamwork and collaboration as listed above.

#4: Adaptability and Flexibility

In today’s rapidly changing work environment, adaptability is key. Hiring managers want employees who can adjust to new situations and are willing to learn new skills.

#5: Leadership Skills

Even for non-managerial roles, leadership qualities like taking initiative, being accountable, and motivating others can set a candidate apart.

#6: Organizational Skills

Being organized, managing time effectively, and prioritizing tasks demonstrate efficiency and reliability.

#7: Customer Service Skills

You don’t have to be in customer service for this skill to matter. If the position involves any interaction with clients, customers, or partners, strong customer service skills, including empathy and problem-solving, are crucial.

#8: Attention to Detail

Especially in roles where precision is important, being detail-oriented is highly desirable. It helps prevent errors and ensure quality work.

#9: Conflict Resolution

The ability to handle conflicts and disputes in a positive and constructive manner is important for maintaining a harmonious work environment.

#10: Time Management

The ability to prioritize tasks and approach work so that it’s done timely and efficiently ensures a productive workplace.

Learning these skills will make you a valuable asset to any employer, and will help maximize your potential in any job.

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