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Homeless Veterans Reintegration Projects

The Homeless Veterans Reintegration Projects (HVRP) are Department of Labor funded programs designed to provide the supports and assistance needed for veterans to obtain employment and economic stability.
Goodwill’s HVRP Services are available throughout the greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas, as well as in Adams, Brown, and Clermont Counties in rural Ohio.

Services provided include:

  • A comprehensive assessment of individual needs, and how our HVRP Services can  help the veteran address those needs;
  • An employability skills assessment to help identify a career path that is both  meaningful and that will lead to a livable wage;
  • Emergency or transitional shelter to help meet your immediate housing needs;
  • Job development and placement assistance in finding the job best suited to the  veteran’s skills, interests, and circumstances;
  • Job maintenance assistance to help ensure that the job is meeting the veteran’s  financial and personal needs;
  • Assistance in locating permanent housing.

Depending on the veteran’s needs, funds may be available for the purchase of food, clothing, transportation, temporary shelter, and necessary work-related equipment and tools.
Goodwill also operates a residential program for homeless veterans in need of intensive and holistic services in order to achieve long-term self-sufficiency. Veterans participating under this grant are housed in Goodwill’s dormitory, and are employed within Goodwill, at competitive wages, as part of a work hardening activity prior to transitioning to the community.
Veterans receive case management services, help in accessing community resources, training in computer applications, anger management and empowerment skills, and other individualized assistance. Ultimately, the veteran is assisted with finding permanent employment and community housing.

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